VR Planet X

a Virtual Reality Story

VR Planet X - Step Out of Time Travel.

VR Planet X - Ancient Alien Ship

VR Planet X - Meet Creatures


VR Planet X is a virtual reality story experience that takes players through a series of chapters in a larger narrative. In addition to experiencing life on the alien planet, players can explore the environment and discover clues about the planet's origin. VR Planet X is a virtual reality story designed to be immersive, intriguing, beautiful, and thought-provoking.

We will be at VRLA 2018 in Los Angeles! Our demo will be 4 minutes long, giving players an opportunity to peak inside the alien world of Planet X. Come experience it at VRLA 2018!


Martin Arts VR Planet X

Martin Arts

VR Planet X

a VR story set in the distant past.


Available for Oculus Rift Fall 2018

VR Demo at VRLA 2018
May 4th & 5th 2018 Los Angeles

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VR Planet X is developed with amazing software from these companies:

Oculus   Unreal Engine 4   Autodesk   ZBrush   Allegorithmic  


For more information, email smartin@martinarts.com

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